Made in Europe

Emotion Spas new range is made in Europe, following the highest quality standards

Mood Chromotherapy

Colors can have a powerful influence on our well being and even on our personality. So, mood chromotherapy was developed as an alternative therapy through the colors that can make your day-to-day healthier, more pleasant and balanced.

Elite Lounge Bed

Never neglecting the comfort, each Emotion Spas has reclining seats ergonomically designed to provide you the most Comfort.

Waterfall Neck Massage

Neck massage has very beneficial results for the health of our body. The effectiveness of this type of massage shows that stress levels decrease, along with the strain relief and rigidity of muscles.

Foot Massage

Always aware to the latest alternative therapies, Emotion Spas present you with this incredible complement. Reflexology uses feet manipulation for therapeutic purposes. Besides a great relaxation, foot massage is a great opportunity to let the feet muscles’ strong and flexible, preventing diseases.

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